Mini Kitchen Project

So, after nearly 20 years using the same ugly set of pots and pans, I broke down and bought a new “pretty” set.  I got the entire set on Wayfair for $120 and they’re a pretty blue.  But, even if I get rid of all the old pots, there’s still not enough cupboard space (9×8 galley kitchen) to store them all.

I’ve had an idea for awhile now that I should hang a pot rack above my kitchen sink.  There’s a recessed area because of the garden window.  And I had an Ikea Bygel towel bar and some S hooks that I’d bought a couple of years ago that never got used for their intended purpose.  I enlisted my husband’s help to determine where there was enough wood to support the weight of the pot rack and we hung the towel bar on the garden window header.  I had to use 2 S hooks for each pan to get them to face the correct way to “stack” the pans so that more would fit on the rail.

Here’s the before and after pictures of the project.

Above the Sink

And here’s the completed project:

Pot Rack above the Kitchen Sink


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